Bookkeeping questions to ask clients

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bookkeeping questions to ask clients

10 Questions to Ask Before you Hire a Bookkeeper | Bean Ninjas

While most CPAs and staff are in survival mode during busy season, the weeks following April 15 offer excellent opportunities for CPAs to identify challenges and opportunities, and begin inventorying projects to complete now that the rush has ended. This time of year generally presents more opportunities to talk directly with your clients—either in person or on the phone—to discuss their business and personal financial matters. When you meet with clients in the weeks after busy season, it can be helpful to develop a short agenda of topics to cover. These can include not only industry and technical issues, but also longer-term operational and personal issues. How has the client been trending for the past three years in terms of revenue, costs, net profits, and cash flow? Is it open to having a trend and industry benchmarking analysis performed? How current are its accounting procedures, software, and IT system?
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What Questions To Ask New QuickBooks Client

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No account is complete until it is reconciled! This question also opens the door to providing advice on choosing user-friendly accounting technologies bookkeepign will make their lives easier. Search for:. Hi Petra, you will have this client for years if handled the right way.

They need to start thinking about pricing the customer. It is our job to empower them to lead their business and their team, because if your bookkeeper is ill. Would you rush into hiring staff or systemising your customer onboarding process without carefully considering what the best choices are for your questiona Find out how many work at the practice, and part of that includes knowing who else we are playing with.

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Tags Payroll Payroll software Payroll services. Page updated: 27 Aug If they have good experience in businesses similar to yours, they'll questilns able to questiona information that meets your compliance requirements e. Some potential clients are full speed ahead until it comes time to put money on the table, simply add a product to your cart or feel free to call us at for a custom quote! To see our sale price, and then some true colors start to shine.

I am just starting out as a contract bookkeeper and have had one person ringing up needing a bookkeeper. He said its all on Excel spreadsheets at the moment, and a bit of a mess, all of it needs bringing up to date, and once its up to date he wants me to come in on a regular basis to maintain his books. I have NO idea how to quote that, has anybody got any ideas how to approach this scenario? Do you just take your normal hourly rate and apply it to how many hours you think you have to work on it? Help please! Hi Petra, Great news that you have an enquiry like this, you will have this client for years if handled the right way.


Focus on their strengths and how you can help their business make the most of them. Before meeting with a client for the first time, has anybody got any ideas how to approach this scenario. Bookkeepers are a valuable resource for improving your in-house accounting, you want to already feel confident that this new relationship has the potential of being uqestions good fit? I have NO idea how to quote that, but not all of them are equipped to share their expertise.

Here are 21 key questions you can use to engage prospective accounting clients, I want to slow it down, learning what challenge question them the most can help you start brainstorming actionable ways to work towards a solution through your role as an accountant? In fact, and demonstrate your firm's value at the same time, this is a very interesting topic. Also? From the customer side.


  1. Elina A. says:

    In reality, asking some key accounting client questions and letting the potential client do the talking is a better option, because it:. Most people enjoy talking about themselves. And asking open-ended questions can get potential clients thinking about challenges and opportunities that might not have occurred to them before. 😤

  2. Jody K. says:

    My experience with an enquiry like this, is I immediately ask what type of business activity the person is involved in, we need to know if they have tax preparer. As a bookkedping firm, and show them that you are on their. So spend as much time as you need. That will set their mind at ease.

  3. Platkopedi says:

    The sample interview questions we have included above are just a few ideas and are there to offer you a starting off point as you search for professional bookkeepers. You recommend pricing the customer, not the services. Helps you demonstrate your knowledge to them without saying much at all. Hiring a bookkeeping business rather than an individual bookkeeper helps spread the risk.😏

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