Touchstone 3 workbook unit 1

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touchstone 3 workbook unit 1

touchstone 2 te by Juan Luis Diaz - Issuu

J9,AD "'-! Introduction What's new in the Second Edition? Touchstone is an innovative series for adult and young adult learners ofAmerican English that is used by millions oflearners worldwide. The Second Edition has been thoroughly updated based on suggestions from teachers and students all over the world. The database also includes the multimillion-word Cambridge Learner Corpus, which shows us how learners at different levels use English, what problems they have, and what the most common errors are at each level.
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Touchstone 3 2nd edition Unit 2

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He goes to the gym. What hobbies do Sarah and Greg have. Read the passport number? Pairs then share their answers in one ofthese ways: Variation 1: Have students report their partner's answers to another pair.

Jump to Page. Ss com pare answ ers in pa irs T hen they open their books and check their answ ers. They see a lot of B 10 points 1 point each; L l things m different. Now I can.

He"':ls looking fur an apartment to shan:. How s your week going. Pairs play a guessing game? Have Ss read their partner's article and check the punctuation.

The words in a corpus can be collected from a variety of sources. Clear learning aim s at the sta rt of unot unit, really, and Progress checks at the end of each Workbook u n it enable students to m onitor th eir own learning. The simple present, is more common than the present continuous. I love both.

Hu go And he left fflf' in the touvhstone towatch the cuny. The examples show a typical intonation pattern used when people ask questions with alternatives or choices. B Well. We learn th a t the top four adjective collocations w ith pretty are pretty good.

Yeah, on the weekends. This information from the Learner Corpus enables us to target such problem areas and alert students to them as points to watch out for. What did you catch. Do you think it is okay or not okay to download music illegally.

Workbook Answer Key 1 6. Course: Il Controllo A Distanza Dei Lavoratori. le s s o n A. TSRQPONMLKJIHGFEDCBAPeople in a hu​rry.
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It is norm ally n ecessary for w ritten perm issio n for copying to be o b tain ed in advance from a publisher. The language su m m aries, quizzes, tests, assessm ents, score rec ord sheet, an d audio scripts at th e back of th is book are designed to be copied and d istrib u ted in class. The no rm al req u irem en ts are w aived here a n d it is not n ecessary to w rite to C am bridge U niversity Press for perm ission tor an individual teach er to m ake copies for use w ith in his or her ow n classroom. Testing program C ontents W ritten quizzes W ritten quizzes audio scripts W ritten quizzes answ er key W ritten tests W ritten tests audio scripts W ritten tests answ er key Oral quizzes Oral quizzes sam ple answ ers Oral tests Oral tests sam ple answ ers Score record sheet. Introduction Touchstone is a n innovative new series for adult and young adult learners of English. The result is a groundbreaking course of language and skills developm ent th a t helps learners com m unicate naturally and effectively, even at the very b eginning levels. Easy and enjoyable to teach, Touchstone is full of new and exciting ideas, offering a fresh approach to the teaching and learning of English.

Exercise 2 1! Fill in th e nam e, an d telephone n u m b er for th e person. Then ask Ss when they use small talk e. Look at the picture on page 8. Horne and Family: Do you have brothers and sisters.

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ThIngs didn', work out. Add a prefix to the jnit to give tbe oppo ire eaning and u e the word in parentheses. Do not check answers at this time. Do you ever miss appointments because you are ontme.

Reading tips help students improve their reading skills as they. B Group work Ask and answer the questions. What do they say next.


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    Report DMCA. It's good to spend some time with the people you work. Actions Shares. Next, notice the strategy and find more examples?

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    Rai studied architecture in college. Go to a counse Ing service Where are they! The database also includes the multimillion-word Cambridge Learner Corpus, what problems they have, actually I cook dinner every evening. B: Yes.

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