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Exactly years ago, on 31 May, , Samuel Pepys stopped writing his diary and our intimate view of life in London in the 17th century was suddenly cut short, writes novelist Deborah Swift. Born the son of a tailor, Pepys was a self-made man who rose up the ranks to become one of the foremost citizens in Restoration London and a personal friend of Charles II. So what did we miss out on, once he stopped giving us his fly-on-the-wall accounts of London life? And why should we care? It holds nothing back and tells us what people ate, how they relaxed — Pepys was a great musician and theatre-goer — how they spent their money, and all the details of the minutiae of everyday life. Reading Pepys is like looking over his shoulder as he writes; you can almost smell the tallow from his candle.
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Jesus slept. And so should we. But how? This book will send you to sleep - in a good way eminently practical advice for the committed sleepers. (Josh Moody.

And so to bed

The company was founded in and 'Vi' represents, the six coils in every spring, some of man's most pleasurable hours are spent curled up in bed. Besides. But it would be astonishing if we could eliminate sleep altogether simply by popping a pill. History Expat Car Warranty.

Adrian Williams at London's St Thomas' Hospital says the beed majority of Britain's sleep centres are dedicated to apnoea patients. Friday 20 December. More from The Telegraph! Terms and Conditions.

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Recalling the Celtic Tiger: Insightful overview of the excitement and excess. Weather Forecast. History Expat Car Warranty. But humans consume only slightly less energy when asleep than when simply resting, and we now know that their brains are highly active for some of the time that they are dozing. Or can they.

Along with Margaret Thatcher, Vladimir Putin — neither of them sterling role models — both claimed to subsist on four hours sleep a night. To lesser mortals that qualifies as chronic sleep deprivation. For such a life-changing procedure, the narcotomy is never explained in great detail. As far as science-fiction ideas go, to be able to live without rest is an arresting premise, somewhere between a wishful fantasy and a waking horror. With no shape to the day, no refuge of dreams, no escape from themselves, the walls of consciousness begin to close in. It might be a useful parable for our present predicament, where sleeplessness is on the rise. The way we sleep, and when we sleep, has been altered by human invention — from pills to alarm clocks — but most profoundly by artificial light.


Plus silk sheets and nightwear. British beds for weary British heads. MOST people spend nearly a third of their lives asleep. The most important part of the bed.

Accessibility links Skip to article Skip to navigation. Sleep-deprivation experiments show that people become progressively less effective as they become increasingly tired. And why should we care. Modafinil makes up for patients' deficiency in a neurotransmitter called orexin, though no one knows quite how.


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    Sleep is part of our created humanity, a good gift from God to be treasured and enjoyed; an earthly picture of a spiritual reality. In this reflection on sleep, Reynolds reflects on what the Bible has to say about sleep and rest, and how that can.

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    Do celebrate this remarkable document by picking a page at random and transport yourself back hook another era. Special features All beds are bespoke and can be made up into any form of bedstead, including four-poster. Beaudesert Maker of bespoke four-poster beds. The test measures the time they take to drop off.

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    Ensure you wake up feeling exquisitely refreshed by following Annabel Freyberg's guide to where to find the best bed frames, most luxurious mattresses and silkiest bedlinen. Special features Combines traditional craftsmanship the company was founded in with the latest in bed-spring technology. Downside Mattresses require turning once a week. Limited range of bedheads. Where to find them Three dedicated stores in London and Walton-on-Thames. 🦱

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    By Ed Cumming. You spend nearly 3, hours a year sleeping in one. Hundreds of thousands of people are injured by them each year. Which makes it all the stranger that most of us give them so little thought. For many, a mattress comes a long way down the list of domestic priorities. 😠

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    Speak to one of our in-store sleep experts

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