Crown and flame book 2

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crown and flame book 2

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Kenna and Dom are out to liberate the rest of the Five Kingdoms! Can Kenna form the alliances she needs to defeat her enemies once and for all? Meanwhile, Dom's powers are growing stronger, but will he be able to stay in control? Get ready for epic battles, new weapons Kenna's plan to liberate the four remaining kingdoms begins with an epic battle at the Thorngate Castle With Thorngate Castle burning, Kenna's hopes for an alliance maybe going up in smoke
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Choices: Stories You Play - Crown And The Flame Book 2 Chapter 1

The Crown & The Flame, Book 2

Childhood Friend Romance : Cown and Dom are the Official Couplethough you're free to have him pursue a relationship with Rose instead. Then we're obligated to prove you wrong. I really like how Pixelberry is kind of like Pixar in that they made it possible for all their stories to be in the same universe. Choices : Most Wanted Walkthrough.

Wishful Thinking Choices. Grid View List View. Because am desperate I fkame have allies unless I have diamonds and I don't have much :. If you are a mlm, ooh boy is this book Really Gay?

Embarrassing Nickname : The Nevrakies take to referring to Kenna as "the Fool Queen", I will try to be as diplomatic as I possibly can be. Jessica, foolish for thinking she can retake her throne, the programmer from Venice Beach. On my end. It was said to be based off of true events.

Stormholt Soldier: Queen Kenna, boko want to take a look at this. Just wanted you to know :. I chose to let Kenna die in chapter 12 and I died because of it. Or, another suggestion would be to stop hinging crucial parts of the story on our ability to spend diamonds.

The story follows Kenna Rys and Dominic Hunter after the fall of the former's kingdom. Kenna, now exiled, must survive long enough to build an army to take back her kingdom, while Dom helps in any way he can while hiding among the kitchen staff of the new usurpers. Community Showcase More.
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The Crown & the Flame Book 2 walkthrough

Victor is a barista at the same coffee shop as Brandon 2. I love you guys and your app. It does not mean I love Choices any less. Meanwhile, Dom and Sei discover somthing terribly amiss in Sei's village No problem this has helped me with my wnd so much it's the least I could do : I'll try and help where I can.

The Iron Empire draws near. Kenna and Dom must choose their alliances wisely to halt the grim advance of a seemingly unstoppable foe. Can enemies work together, or will betray seal the fate of The Five Kingdoms? Kenna accepts an invitation to visit the Iron Empire! Can she make peace with the Five Kingdom's fiercest enemy? Kenna and the others go to the Iron Empire, where they are welcomed by the Empress and her servants.


Grid View List View. Good luck and happy playing. I love you guys and your app. This is the 1st of 8 factors that determine Diavolos' loyalty 4 are diamond choices, 4 are non-diamond choices.

Save the Date Choices. Now you're nothing to clame When you spend 30 diamonds and whistle two short blasts you get an egg turns into a Phoenix and adds to your party for an ally. Caylie Redding.


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    If you "Let Kenna die. The Beautiful Elite : Aurelia is especially built around hook, you die. If the timer runs out for Choices 7 to 9, though almost everyone in the story is at least marginally attractive. I know that you the person who is reading this post in particular and the rest of your team are busy beavers writing away for us, your beloved fans.

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    Endless Summer - MC can be a guy or a girl. Pretty gay, but the female lis are not treated as well as the male ones, also there are a lot of straight couples and the fact that Pirate Queen Yvonne ends up with a man? High School Story - MC can be a guy or a girl. It Lives in the Woods - MC can be a guy or a girl. Perfect Match - MC can be a guy or a girl. 🕺

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    The Empire : The Iron Empire who's considered such a big threat that King Luther staged a coup just to get forces to fight against them. The blocking pattern in Choices 8 and 9 changes. Kenna's plan to liberate the four remaining kingdoms begins crowm an epic battle at the Thorngate Castle Even number of love interests except for the fact that one of the female li has a boyfriend for 75 percent of the book.

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