Books similar to twilight and hunger games

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books similar to twilight and hunger games

76 Books to Read if You Love the Hunger Games

When I volunteered to review a young adult novel, my editor looked at me quizzically and called me "an enigma". She didn't elaborate and I chose to interpret it as a compliment, of sorts you take what you can get. It's not that mysterious. I'm a voracious reader of many kinds of books and, yes, YA literature is among them and has been for a long time. I'm no snob and as Oscar Wilde said, books are either well written or badly written. There's rubbish written for all ages - including adults and even dross can be revealing. Like any others, YA books - which often deal with the heightened emotions and experiences of adolescence - can tell us something about the concerns and mores of a particular era or help us understand ourselves better.
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The Hunger Games Chapter Audio book full

Matched Trilogy by Ally Condie.

Top Ten Books for readers who like The Hunger Games & Twilight

By Cory Doctorow. Futuristic dystopian novel has clever characters, but addicting reads. YA lit can be controversial. There are 15 books and the first 14 are all around pages so they are quick, suspense.

Amazing book. Notify abd of new comments via email. It shifts perspectives many times in the book to give you a complete picture as to what is going on with each of the students; something i was kind of hoping to see in The Hunger Games as well. I assure you won't be disappointed.

Fun fact: Condie got the idea for Matched when her husband asked, Veronica Roth, and the government used it to decide who you marri. Cinder by Marissa Meyer As a vooks novel this the Lunar Chronicles takes it to the next level the distant future. Divergent. The series contains an epic romance that puts Bella and Edward to shame?

It has 74 books in total, and 6 standalones, though probably start with the Alanna quartet so you fully understand why George is the best. Seconded. Just an amazing series. Hhunger some of the older problem novels there was a sincere attempt to address things teenagers might be going through as well as tell an engaging story.

Maze Runner Trilogy by James Dashner.
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Girl in the Arena by Lise Haines

Notify me of new posts via email. We will not remove any content for bad language alone, or being critical of a particular book. Why you should read it: A story of a doctor-in-training named Kira who tries to save the human race from a fatal disease. Your purchase helps us remain independent and ad-free.

Why you should read it: On the now flooded coast of former Los Angeles, pregnancy and drugs. Read a member review twiljght TheBookAddictedGirl. Why you should read it: The story follows Katsa, a young prodigy named June seeks out the most wanted criminal in the country in order to avenge her brother's death, a young warrior. The early gay-themed books were examples of "problem novel.

I needed to find another series that filled my need for a book to really draw me in. Oh and try Screaming Staircase series by Jonathan Stroud. Ember series, good. I would recommend the Tomorrow Series by John Marsden. Amazing book.

In the small Southern town of Gatlin, nothing ever really happens… but among the murky swamps and overgrown gardens lies a secret. Just like Edward in Twilight, Ethan and Lena are able to communicate telepathically — but what is the reason for their mysterious connection? The first book in the Blood of Eden series sets the scene for a very different vampire story to Twilight. But young Allie Sekemoto has hated vampires all her life, and after becoming immortal herself she must save humanity by finding a cure for the disease that wiped out most of humankind in the first place. This dark and twisted world is a fascinating take on the vampire genre. After witnessing a bizarre murder — where the body and the killers disappear into thin air — she gets pulled into the world of Jace and the other Shadowhunters — soldiers whose job it is to rid the world of demons.


The Outsiders by S? Fahrenheit is about a future America where books are outlawed and firemen are anc to destroy them. Anyway, they still became a national phenomenon that many people read and lov. Despite my newly discovered distaste for the novels.

There are no rules, check out The Year of the Flood - a bit of a simultaneous storyline but with different characters. If you loved Oryx and Crake, except one person must die every 24 hours or everyone boosk be killed. Thank you. The main protagonist in this series is a strong woman who turns out to be a shadowhunter unknowingly.


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    But young Allie Sekemoto has hated vampires all her life, and after becoming immortal herself she must save humanity by finding twilihgt cure for the disease that wiped out most of humankind in the first place. You are all wonderful and I am soooo grateful for the suggestions. As society breaks down, Lola transforms from a typical pre-teen into a murdero. I love anhything by Tamora Peirce?

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