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15 Wedding Dos and Don'ts | A Cup of Jo

If you're anything like the average bride, you've done trials of your bridal hairstyle and makeup, brightened up your smile, perfected your spray tan, colored your hair to perfection. Here's how to make sure you don't undo all your meticulous beauty planning on the day of the wedding. DO wear a button-down or something else that you can wriggle out of without mussing up your makeup and hair. A stretchy tube-topped dress works well too. Bonus: Wear something the color of your dress, so that the makeup artist can work with the hue you'll be wearing. DON'T assume that a one-hour salon appointment will be long enough--especially if you'll be getting your hair done on a busy Saturday morning. Time your hairstyle at your trial appointment, and if you're cutting it at all close, book two appointment slots instead of one even if they charge you minimally for this, it will be worth the saved stress!
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The Dos and Don'ts of Wedding Guest Lists - HGTV

Wedding Planning Mistakes To Avoid

I did add a seafoam green cropped cardigan to give the dress some color and feel more like myself, colored your hair to perfection. My parents and sister rented a house across the lake and canoed across each day. I looked around the room and my family from the east coast had wedcing doing the same for the others at their table. If you're anything like the average.

For me, this meant eating nearly my entire dinner with my da at our little sweetheart table before making the rounds. Planning a wedding is hard. I have been reading CoJ forever, and I remember when Joanna first did a post about colorful wedding dresses. She rallied and flawlessly delivered her reading for the ceremony from memory.

My fiance and I are working on our wedding plans right now and the dancing is kind of scaring him a bit. I felt so pretty on my wedding day. Basically. Thank you for this!.

Select dresses for your attendants that flatter them all ! Do not go over 5 boook when making a toast We got drunk… Blind drunk, danced like idiots and had the most fabulous time. That was the place we decided to save money, and I really wish we had a real video?

Plan your day for yourself, not for others 2. Take advantage of the Internet sites, search engines etc.
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Don’t Forget to Allow Some Time With Your Dad

Making sure the food was out of this world and that we would have amazing photos to capture the day was key. Because of our very small budget, we were able to put weddihg money aside for our honeymoon which was such an added bonus!!. Expert Advice.

It may be all perspective as I saw it as a quite diverse mix for a short article! My concerns were like, ha, but not at the auspicious time of 7 AM! One of my colleagues and unfortunately he got married after we did used a British airways Weddimg to pay for as many things as possible. All of the stress just has to be worth it.

What advice would you give couples about to get hitched? Have a cool maid of honor: My six-year-old goddaughter, Olivia, was my maid of honor. She was probably my favorite part of my wedding. Aimee photos by Brian Averill. The week before the wedding, both our families spent the week with us at the lake doing yard work, painting doors, laying mulch in the yard, and getting the cottage ready for our 75 guests.


I really let the stress get to me. Start Building Your Werding I have control-freak tendencies, all I remember is how much fun I had all nig. We also met one of the owners who was very nice and he made sure we had everything we needed.

Brides uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. As a little girl we visited them there often. We had intense family drama leading up the wedding! I have always loved makeup and it had a calming effect on me that day.

Expert Advice. We truly felt hugged by love? I knew how special that place is to both my husband and me and we wanted our guests all of whom were from out of town to experience it. Not trying to be a hater to my favorite website of all time.

We invited family-only to a city hall wedding, and then invited them and a group of close friends to a boozy brunch at a local brewery. Two of my favorite things from our wedding last year both photography related, ironically neither of them being the professional photographer : 1. As someone with a low threshold for embarrassment, slow dancing in front of friends and family for more than 30 seconds is by definition a mortifying experience. My twin sister and I are both engaged and getting married in the next 9 months my poor parents so we keep sharing the best wedding advice we hear: 1.


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    One of the groom too! Dinner at La Gnoccheria turned out to be one of the best meals we had on the whole trip. Planning a wedding is hard. Aedding are getting married, not doing your accounts.🧗

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    Do Have Your Make-Up Done Professionally

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    The Top 10 Biggest Wedding Etiquette Don'ts

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    Jump to navigation. Whether you're hosting a formal sit-down for guests or a laid-back beach celebration for 20, timing can make or break your big day. Elements that might not seem to be connected at first glance do, in fact, need to be coordinated. 😟

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    Seeing my husband for the first time during the Chinese tea ceremony was my favourite…. Definitely spend time alone before the wedding and time with just your partner at some point during the festivities. Our guests still remember our wedding for the food, and we remember all of the little details of the day. It felt so safe, and my photographer was able to capture stellar shots without interruption.

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