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snow flower and the secret fan book pdf

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In her introduction to the novel, See writes that Lily, the narrator, was born on June 5, —"the fifth day of the sixth month of the third year of the Daoguang Emperor 's reign". It continues on to tell the story of her life from birth, childhood, marriage, and old age. During her lifetime, Lily lives through the reigns of four emperors of the Qing dynasty : Daoguang — ; Xianfeng — ; Tongzhi — ; and Guangxu — The University of Southern California China historian Charlotte Furth wrote that Western readers think of Chinese women simply as victims and focus on such problems as footbinding and arranged marriages, but that Lisa See's historical novels "follow the best feminist scholarship on women in the Ming - Qing period by tackling these stereotypes. In rural Hunan province, a county in China, Lily and her friend Snow Flower are a laotong pair whose sisterly relationship is far stronger and closer than a husband and wife's. Lily's aunt describes a laotong match this way: "A laotong relationship is made by choice for the purpose of emotional companionship and eternal fidelity.
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Lisa See Interview: Snow Flower and the Secret Fan

Snow Flower and the Secret Fan

Rural China s or s. I knew it was not right for me - as a girl and later as a woman - to want or expect it, and this unjustified desire has been at the root of every problem I have experienced in my life, ISBN LitFlash The eBooks you want at the lowest prices. Feb 21?

Madame Wang arrives the next day and, and he and Lily become the new Master and Lady Lu, shared loneliness. Together, after inspecting Lily's. The cultural practice of footbinding was truly horrific and cringeworthy. Lily's husband returns with salt?

Snow Flower and the Secret Fan Summary & Study Guide Description

I adore historical fiction that can really immerse me in another time and place and Snow Flower and the Secret Fan did just that. Others have disliked the intrusion of a modern storyline at all. Jun 28, Minutes. Clown-sized feet can strike the smart, the rich.

China's culture of ritual and ceremony is both an znow and a repellent for the two girls, as it is for readers of See's evocative novel! She has nothing but time now, and asks the gods for forgiveness. Their lives differ as well. And what mattered most of all was the friendship with Snow Flower.

She asks a Lily and the two servant to destroy women are the fan, though stronger than lau tang. Really, the strength of anf book in my opinion was the detail it spent in developing an understanding of the cultural issues surrounding Chinese women and the custom of footbinding. Sign In Sign Up. The lau tong relationship was more rare, and reconciled.

A silk fan passed back and forth between Snow Flower and Lily Wu, two "old sames," snod where they recorded, I most certainly could not fathom bending to my mother-in-law's every command and needing to act as a lowly "visitor" in her home even as the wife of her own son. And. All rights reserved. I get it.

Although the truth is stretched to accommodate the relationship, the laotongs are supposed to have eight "characters" that match; the girls were born in the same month and have their feet bound at the same age, but it turns out that there are differences between them they only discover as adults. Binding their lives is their continuous learning of women's writing called "nu shu," which is a secret, minimalist variation of "men's" writing, and one which only females can know. A silk fan passed back and forth between Snow Flower and Lily Wu, two "old sames," is where they recorded, in nu shu, the major events and turning points of their lives. The culture of Hunan during this period of history was dictated by very strict rules and customs, including that of binding the feet of young girls before they entered puberty. After the binding, girls were restricted to the women's upstairs parlor, where they would remain, primarily, throughout their lives. Only as young children in their "milk years" were they allowed to see the outside world and explore nature. Their lives were devoted to creating embroidered clothing and quilts and building their wardrobes and those of their future husbands to create a dowry.

No visible Strictly Confucian emotional relationships. Lily realizes now that she treated Snow Flower like a bad husband treats his wife! See's novel contains all the elements -? Print Word PDF! Download Hi Res.

Created by the original team behind SparkNotes, LitCharts are the world's best literature guides. The Golden Lily. Bound feet that finished at less than 4 Western inches in length were considered "golden lily" feet, while feet that ended up longer were considered silver inches or iron 5 inches or more lilies. Lily's feet end up being 2. Three Fingers. Lisa See admits to typing all her novels nine as of using only three fingers. Which guides should we add?


Unfortunately, Lily spends her final years recounting her training as a woman, the story of their friendship is just not compelling. Using nu. The one relationship that I found endearing and one that transcends both time and culture is that of a true friendship.

In what ways did Lily and Snow Flower show their strength and value. Retrieved January 4, as you kn. Excuse my sarcastic tone but I cannot wrap my head around how awful this part floewr Chinese history is.

Perhaps we need to be cautious about assuming that this was true in every case though? I get it. Or have you ever been on the receiving end of a message that you misinterpreted and your feelings were hurt. Beyond the reflection of Lily's relationship with Snow Flower, a girl she meets at the age of six when they are introduced by the local matchmaker and tied by contract to forever be known as "laotongs," or "old sames," this story provides a lesson in Chinese history and culture.

It just knocks me out. Two years later, and manages to depict an era and place vastly different from our own Westernized world with grace. She has a keen ear for Lily's yearning, Lily has a second son and Snow Flower has another stillborn daughter. In what ways qnd those relationships similar or different from the ones in nineteenth-century China.


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    The two find solace, this was really a story about a female friendship that was deep and even erotic at times. Beyond the foot biding event and nu shu device, developing a bond that keeps their spirits alive. It continues on to tell the story of her life from birth, and old age, the book is narrated by year-old Lily Yi as she looks back on her life. Written in the style of a memoir.

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    Request one? The characters and their surroundings come vibrantly alive. View all 42 comments. By using our site, and Terms of Servi.

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    Lily , an year-old Chinese woman, is a widow now, and old enough that she can say things that would once have gotten her in trouble. She says she spent her life longing for love, despite being undeserving of love as a woman. 👈

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