Books to compare and contrast characters kindergarten

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books to compare and contrast characters kindergarten

Compare and Contrast: How to Use Books to Teach Children Comparative Thinking | Brightly

My first year teaching — when I was constantly running on empty — I slipped several movie watching afternoons into my lesson plans. I defended this as educational, claiming that we were going to compare and contrast the book and movie. Now, we did actually spend some time comparing and contrasting the book with the movie, but this was still a little bit of a cop-out. Really, I just needed some time to play catch up, and a movie was the easiest way to get some extra time. My original, last minute lesson involved a blank Venn Diagram for students to fill in. Instead, they simply wrote down the first things that came into their head, which usually were surface level observations.
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How to Teach Students to Compare and Contrast

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The pdf has a high resolution, and is made to fit 8. My third graders have been reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. My class reads Wizard of Oz every year? I love being able to share my love for this book and the movie.

Didn't receive the email. Now, but this was still a little bit kndergarten a cop-out. Good readers can also compare two stories by telling how the character's adventures or experiences are the same. Students will note features of theme between two fiction texts and summarize their analysis.

The Same or Different. I just commented and realized that I hit submit too quickly. Here are a few activities I like chaarcters use to help students master comparing and contrasting in reading:. Lesson Plans IndividualActivities.

Use this as a stand-alone lesson or as an introduction to the Comparing and Contrasting Short Stories lesson plan. She sets Venn diagrams around the room with small pictures on the top which shows what students are comparing. Sign in with Facebook. I have compared and contrasted Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs many times, but I would like to compare and contrast Matilda.

This unit brings together science with informative writing using charactes flightlessLiterature. Adjust as needed for the needs of your students. They loved finding all the little differences. Basic Principlesand birds that fly.

I like to use compare and contrast of the movie and the book with either The Polar Express or Charlie chracters the Chocolate Factory. Adult Education. Each page has a passage. My favorite book to read and compare with the movie is the Newberry Award-winning novel The Phantom Tollbooth… such amazing fun with words, ma.

Knuffle Bunny and Corduroy

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Instructional Procedures. The Grinch, and The Lorax boks my favorite. Adjust as needed for the needs of your students. Use this lesson to help your ELs compare and contrast characters' thoughts and actions using a Venn Diagram. I love being able to share my love for this book and the movie.

Teaching students to compare and contrast is a lot of fun for me! Unlike theme or the main idea which can be tricky, students seem to grasp comparing and contrasting much more easily. Perhaps it's because this is a skill they use in their everyday life. For example, each day they quickly compare and contrast menu items in the cafeteria, video games to play, books to read, and favorite sports to play. The challenge then is to take that skill that students use quite often, and help them understand how to apply it to a piece of literature or informational text.


I have created sample questions to teach towards and check mastery of each of the three Common Core categories. There are a lot of differences and it is a popular book with both the boys and the girls. What would make you love Education. Lesson Plans BundledPrintables.

Please allow a few minutes for it to arrive. Identify and write about one specific topic. This is a Double Bubble Map I made to help my students compare authors and illustrators when we go back to school in August? Your students will learn academic vocabulary and use a graphic organizer to compare and contrast two short stories!


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