The crown and the flame book 2

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the crown and the flame book 2

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In the second chapter, if you use the 20 diamonds for Dom an Kenna to have some time alone, you gain 5 armor! Just wanted you to know :. Please can you update, not rushing u or anything but I have been waiting a while for you to update so I can play, thanks for your previous help in the game! Thank you for support me. I'm sorry to update so long. I don't know it update until Chapter 9 related.
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The Crown and the Flame - Book 2, Chapter 14

The Crown & The Flame, Book 2

Maggie rated it really liked it Jul 20, Kenna accelerates her campaign while Dom embarks on a journey of his own. Feel Free to add your own and correct me if I got anything wrong. This one is for those who love the young adult genre.

Luthe "drags" her back to the present, you also get to name a bear you recruit in the Aurelia Mines. I know your fans give you a lot of shit excuse my language about not coming out with a book 2 in over a year. If you pay diamonds! Join the community.

If you choose the bbook option or let the timer run out, Dom gets cut and another soldier will attack. After their mother is killed, whose behavior he believes to be a symptom of the growing power of the North, he's afraid Dominic's plans will get Rose killed as well. Arlbeth is forced to ride west with many of his court to deal with Ny. If you choose "Captive fire magic users.

This article's plot thf may be too long or excessively detailed. This allows you to play the game from a different perspective. Before I begin this letter, I would like to offer some details about my own personal context. With Thorngate Castle burning, Kenna's hopes for an alliance maybe going up in smoke.

The Heist: Monaco - MC can be a guy or a girl. Val's undercover mission takes a dangerous turn, and Dom struggles to pass his final test in the fllame world. Kenna herself is not amused. Thank you very much.

It feels, might I add I look forward to certain days in the week when I know that my favorite stories will be released, in many ways. Female characters treated like shit. Just boko you to know :. As a fan from the Philippines.

When you finally have enough diamonds saved up for a special outfit…

Interactive games which allow gamers to create stories are very popular. Choices: Stories You Play is one of the most popular interactive mobile games out there. It features a creative story mode where the player gets to choose what happens next. Different Choices you make leads to different ending. Black Mirror: Bandersnatch from Netflix anyone? In Choices, well, it is all about the Choices you make.


Thanks for this! You tthe get this choice if you have Adder's Fang and do not have the Masked Seductress outfit. This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content. The final screen adds those together and gives you a score for your army out of what is possible.

She eventually settles for marrying Perlith, a vain man of high rank who dislikes Aerin almost as much as Galanna does. Meanwhile, Kenna's companion must avoid detection at Zenobia's ball. There's a girl on FB who takes cheat requests an sends you a link. Home About Contact Advertise?


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    Kissing Sei is way better than just telling her how important she is. Good luck and happy playing. Again, you need keys for them.

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    You do not have to bear a second thought and hesitate to pick a choice that costs diamonds. Nightheart rated it it was amazing Jun 09, Open Heart - MC can be a guy or a girl. Contents [ show ].🏃‍♂️

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