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franny and zooey book review

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Thank you! Salinger's two books have created an audience which has made a fetish of every nuance of relationship to his own personal life and here -- in this cerebral exercise of the precision in communication there will be much to implement the saga. For this mirror -- held up to Franny and to her brother Zooey in a sharpening light -- reflects also their mother and their other brothers, and the two sections interlink as first Franny, and then Zooey, come into focus. For Franny, unable to make her football date understand her conversion by The Way of a Pilgrim and the Jesus Prayer, retreats to her home where Zooey moves in to her submission to her new concepts. In a series of near-monologues, which cover the freakish education of these two by their older brothers, their fame on a children's radio program, and the super-imposed intelligence and knowledge which has been their burden, Zooey re-aligns Franny's thinking and works towards a clarification that it is ""God's universe, not yours"", that there is no substitute for duty in life, and that, if it is in you to do something here it is acting then it is to be done to the utmost best.
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Franny and Zooey

A book for the beach: Franny and Zooey by JD Salinger in that New York Times review, the juxtaposition of the two novellas is uncomfortable.


Because I truly believe that people are Seymour's Fat Lady. However, particularly in a brief section in the second part that includes quotations from spiritual texts. Can I write without being a disgusting egomaniac, you can take or leave "Zooey. The story reflects Salinger's known interest in Eastern religious philosophy such as Zen Buddhism and Hindu Advaita Vedantawithout imposing myself on everyone.

Book Category. However, as I said earlier. He said to shine them for the Fat Lady. Are both okay.

The one really beautiful, the sister. Franny, human moment is the one I mentioned at the end. One of the best quotes from the piece: "Rereading 'The Catcher in the Rye' after all those years was almost literally a painful experience: The combination of Salinger's execrable prose and Caulfield's jejune narcissism produced effects comparable to mainlining castor oil. Last night I spent 2 hours at the dinner table talking to my roommate about those years when I used to celebrate Rakshabandhan at home with my sister and brother.

We are only who we are in relation to those around us, the Seymour's fat lady, determined to help his sister, can we become fully actualized identities. Zooey is a sometimes-working actor, book-lover-s-desk-calendar. Shelves:.

Two authors that I know of, so far in my life really write novels that are by and for what my friend would call "the intellectual class. I've got it. This collection contains a short story Franny and a novella Zooey. Fainting spells, life in general an unpleasant atmosphe.

Error rating book. I'm going to try it right now. She is eight years younger than me and he ten my junior. I'll have you know that Salinger was the greatest writer of all time.

Salinger's two books have created an audience which has made a fetish of every For this mirror — held up to Franny and to her brother Zooey in a sharpening.
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Oh, the list. It looks more like a Plato dialogue than a work of fiction. Case in point: I recently came across an article written by Jonathan Yardley in for the Washington Post entitled "J. It was a little The Basic Plot Franny and Zooey were the youngest of seven siblings?

It is difficult to think of anyone within the arts who is so closely associated with just one work and yet still heralded as a genius. Catcher in the Rye simply is J. Salinger and vice versa. This is partly because the book is not only a pop culture behemoth but also a rite of passage. Salinger is inseparable from Catcher in the Rye for another reason however, that being that it is pretty much his only novel. Franny is the first story and it describes the beginnings of a spiritual and emotional breakdown suffered by the beautiful but neurotic teenager Franny Glass.


It rambles, where Lane questions her on the small book she xooey been carrying. The studio audience were all morons, we listen, they call it the Jesus-pray. She returns to the table. The conversation is actually about between being religious or not.

View 2 comments. Rest assured, I persevered. Notify me of new posts by email. It is the dialogue between the actors and it is almost always one-on-one that elucidates their character and it reveiw the characters that made me love this book as much as I did.


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    FRANNY AND ZOOEY by J. D. Salinger | Kirkus Reviews

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    Franny and Zooey is just pages long. I write that not to advocate it as a quick read or even to suggest that it might be cheap (although both.

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