Guardians of the galaxy 2 steelbook pre order

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guardians of the galaxy 2 steelbook pre order

Guardians of The Galaxy Vol 2 Steelbook 4k UHD 3d Blu-ray Digital for sale online | eBay

Beautiful designs, shiny gloss, groovy embossing! The reason to buy sometimes questionable movies! This is a place to talk about any and all SteelBooks! All sizes welcome! Share your pics, talk about upcoming releases, tell us what you wish would get the SteelBook treatment. If it's a metal case for a movie or game, it's welcome here.
File Name: guardians of the galaxy 2 steelbook pre
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Published 10.04.2019

Les Gardiens de la Galaxie (VF)

Good Luck Finding a Guardians Vol. 2 4K/3D Best Buy SteelBook

The music is not so good as the first film, good story and obviously they will return, I am just wandering where people get their disks online from America. L5: Journeyman. I called Costa Mesa and they only received guardiasn. Answered - Buying Disks from America I apologise if this has been asked before.

Very funny, at least fans can rest assured that the release is pretty awesome, visually stunning. While it's disappointing that Best Buy does not appear to be meeting the demand for the 3D disc. If you wanna get this one and the Thor Ragnarok one I wouldn't mind at all. All of this can of course be appealed by messaging us.

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Stirling Active Member. MUST be linked directly to the page where the item can be bought. Started by brian s Feb 29, Replies: 4K. Thank you.

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Top contributor. DVD collection: 7. CES news. If anyone wants a Guardians or Ant Man steelbook, they are in stock?

Didn't realise you only got the 4k disc with the Aussie version. L5: Journeyman. Yeah, call and ask the day before and they'll usually tell you what'll be on the floor. The trouble seems to stem from Best Buy's decision to only offer the retailer exclusive 3D Blu-ray as one of its limited edition SteelBook packages.

That latter combo pack, however, is only available as a Best Buy exclusive SteelBook edition, and it's apparently become rather hard to find in stores -- a fact that is leaving many 3D enthusiasts a bit frustrated since it's the only way to buy the 3D presentation without importing. As detailed over at the Save Blu-ray 3D Blog , the site's writer had to go through quite the trek to finally secure a copy. The trouble seems to stem from Best Buy's decision to only offer the retailer exclusive 3D Blu-ray as one of its limited edition SteelBook packages. These releases usually carry high demand from collectors whether they care about 3D or not and are not likely to receive additional pressings. Likewise, online orders have been sold out for some time. With that in mind, one might think Best Buy would make sure to stock a solid amount in store this week, but sadly that does not appear to be the case.


Is it already sold out. Originally Posted by Blu Steel. Send a private message to mattyl Thankfully, persistence seems to have paid off in the end.

Guardians 2. Amazon, Zavvi etc, HDX download. Let me know if you can't go and I'll see if my store has any extra when I pick up my order and I'll send it to you. It was suppose to come with the UHD download but it seemed as if someone carefully slit the movie setelbook open just enough to take out the UHD download and replace it with the standard SD.

Thank you for fast and efficient? Mind big difference in NZ currency rates xe. Digital collection: 2. Last edited by DK; at PM.

Thanks for supporting our community. A must have. Indeed it is, dunno why it disappeared from the site listing but it's back. Holy grail.


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