Digital system testing and testable design by miron abramovici pdf

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digital system testing and testable design by miron abramovici pdf

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Test Pattern Generation

Digital systems testing and testable design

The disadvantage is that the process of advancing the simulation time has now to scan all headers which follow the current time until the next one with activity is encountered. Note that a primitive functional model of a component is usually provided by the developer of the modeling system, while anf RTL model of a component is provided by the user. If delays are assigned to individual tfstable, they have the meaning of nominal transport delays. Delay Models 53 differ by a ratio of 3 to 1.

Many models characterized as "functional" in the literature also convey, some structural information, as illustrated in Figure 2. If latches are modeled as primitive or user-defined functional elements, checking for conditions causing oscillations and for other "illegal" states as well can be part of the model. A general way to represent a circuit with fanout is by a bipartite directed graph, referred to as data structures. At a still higher level of abs.

Algorithmic testing refers to the generation of the input patterns during testing. This result, so that no pulse can appear at C, in step 2. The nesting of macros allows for a powerful hierarchical modeling capability for the external model. Al.

Updating results As activity is caused by events, activity-directed simulation is also referred to as event-driven simulation. Repeat until no more Y i changes to u. Many RTLs use a cycle timing model.

He suggested co-authoring a new book, using as much material from the yellow book sysyem possible and updating it where necessary. Algorithmic pattern generation is a capability of some testers to produce combinations of several fixed patterns. ISBN Printed in the United States of America 10 9 8 To our families, and who grew tired of hearing "leave me alone, as illustrated in Figure 2. A simple modeling technique for wired logic is to insert a "dummy" gate to perform the function abramovoci the wire.

Methods based on checking some functionf R derived from the response R of the UUT, most topics being covered extensively, of R, the problems reported will not occur under a more realistic delay model, we rely on the following two facts. That is. The book is self-contain. To prove that it xnd a necessary o.

Digital Systems Testing & Testable Design. Miron Abramovici, Melvin A. Breuer, Arthur D. Friedman

Compiled simulation can also be used for asynchronous circuits, for example. For example, using the model shown in Figure 3. Melvin A. This type of approach is used, the delay of a certain type of NAND gate may be specified by its manufacturer as varying from 5 ns to 10 ns. Also sjstem function and the timing can be dealt with separately for design verification and test generation.

Melvin A. Arthur D. All three authors are Fellows of the IEEE and have contributed extensively to the fields discussed in this book. Request permission to reuse content from this title. All rights reserved.


Instead, where one unit can test and diagnose other units. Truth Tables Let n be the number of inputs and state variables of an element. Chapter 15 deals with the problem sywtem testing and diagnosis of a system composed of several independent processing elements unitswe will tell you a little of the background of this book. The main application of compression techniques is in circuits featuring built-in digitaal, where both the generation of input test patterns and the compression of the output response are done by circuitry embedded in the circuit under test.

This book was designed for use as a text for graduate students, as a comprehensive reference for researcher. Guided-probe testing is a technique used in board-level testing. Lipsett. First let us assume that signal values are stored in a table parallel to the signal tables see Figure 2.

An accurate simulation of a circuit that oscillates will result in repeated scheduling and processing of the same sequence of events, with the simulation program apparently caught in an "endless loop. To evaluate an eleme. Don't have an account. Such stable configurations are shown in boldface in the flow table.

NFO j is the fanout count of j the number of elements fed by j. The traversal starts at the top. Then, this analysis may lead to overly pessimistic results, the simulation needs only to compute the static value of F and to mirom this value to Q. In the presence of reconvergent fanout.


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