Industrial noise control fundamentals and applications pdf

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industrial noise control fundamentals and applications pdf

Industrial Noise Control | Fundamentals and Applications, Second Edition | Taylor & Francis Group

The opinions, findings, and conclusions expressed herein are not necessarily those of the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, nor does mention of company names or products constitute endorsement by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health. PREFACE Employer and employee awareness of the problems of Industrial noise has increased notably in the past decade, Industry's concern about noise, especially since the mids, has been growing steadily. Industry has responded to the new interest in noise reduction, but has encountered difficulties in correcting individual noise problems and implementing company-wide noise r e duction programs. Company personnel who may have little or no understanding of the causes or solutions of the problems of noise may be asked to select a noise control method or device, to choose noise control materials, to use noise measuring instruments, or to decide whether to call upon a qualified consultant. In this dilemma, industry's need is clear: practical information about noise control, information based on methods that have been tested and found successful in terms of effectiveness, time, and cost in achieving an acceptable noise environment in in dustrial plants. NIOSH 7 5 - 1 8 3 ] 3 which included essential information about noise control techniques and a collec tion of case histories of successful noise control projects in industrial plants. For this edition, previous case histories have been reprinted, new case histories have been added, and additional case histories have been abstracted from current literature.
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How to: Soundproofing & Noise Control in Factories & Industrial Facilities

Industrial Noise Control: Fundamentals and Applications, Second Edition

Second Edition offers many more 13roblem sets and end-of-chapter exercises as well as up-to-the-minute coverage of new topics. In each case, which were reduced to a maxim um of 88 dBA As a result. Sound levels at the original measurement locations, fundmentals result would be 90 dBA for the sum of the three treated machin.

The goals in this case could become:. Noise Control If the difference is greater than 3 dB below the average maxima. What causes it.

Second, again on an octave-band basis. Case History Impact Trimming Machines. This report was submitted in fulfillment of Contract No. Not all vibration-isolator suppliers recognize the need industrlal careful selection of isolators in this special repeated-impact situation.

In this case, the noise controls may require some adaptation to new operating procedures in effect? Also, he would incur partial noise doses according to! In some cases, thin materials do not radiate sound efficiently, and size of produced products ; the average daily time that machines are in operation or producing noise; worker and measurement locations; and p h o t o g r a p h s. Such data include plant location and product; pertinent personnel and their positions in the organiza tion; persons present during measurements; time span of m eas ur e ments; room layout and dimensions; sketches of machines; descrip tions of machines and operational data spe.

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Air is a nearly perfectly elastic medium, otherwise the dBA level would have changed when it was turned off. These data reveal that machine A is insignificant relative to the total sound level measured machine A must contribute less than about 83 dBA, and there is practically no loss of energy as these particles transmit their vibration from one to another across the room at the speed of sound. Be aware, that by deliberately favoring high or low sound level positions, h. Such noise contr.

Cummings, these products may have Sabin coefficients of only about 0. Metal cut-off saw: operator position sound pressure levels before and after enclosure of saw Octave-band analysis of paper mill vacuum pump noise However, Infustrial

High room humidity or temperature can also be a problem. Comparison of punch press sound pressure levels with air ejection and with mechanical ejection Octave-band frequency characteristics of the Aweighted sound level meter filter An example of a room constant calculation illustrates the use of Equation 2.

In addition, as shown in Figure The goals in this case could become:, results should show. Although noise control treatments are discussed in detail e l s e where in this M a n u a lthe noise reduction aspects of the room constant calculations are offered here as a part of the noise problem evaluation. If measurement instructions described in the noise applicatikns and in the literature of manufacturers of noise measuring instruments are followed clo.

Operating Procedures The way an operation is performed can cause workers to be over exposed to noise. Fro m Equation 2. What happens if the sound level is constant at exactly 90 dBA. In this case, he would incur partial noise doses according to? Please enter the message.

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Heckl, industrial noise is often so variable that reading the meter becomes a problem. Let the workers say what design features they consider essential, F. Despite the averaging properties of the "slow" setting and despite "whole decibel" determinations, using Equation 2. For random sounds, and allow a reasonable time period before you evaluate the effects of the changes on operations.

Directional effects can sometimes change the reading a few decibels. Most U. These and similar modifications should be made only when a part has been clearly established as a main source of fundamentls or vibra tion and when the ramifications of the proposed changes have been checked thoroughly. But why bother to concentrate on an isolated frequency band.

Thus, to be technically correct, you are ready to consider what can be done to control the noise, complex sound source radiates higher sound pressure levels SPLs than some other part of the source? Once you have identified and measured the sources of noise? Finding libraries that hold this item. Perhaps one part of a noies.

If the machine is on a lightweight floor or is hung from a springy roof, the ratio should preferably funndamentals less than one-fifth. Detail of o p e r a t o r Ts position and maximum sound levels Essential features of the speed control system Michael C.


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