Ap government and politics textbook pdf

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ap government and politics textbook pdf

American Government

Attribution CC BY. As a teacher of history also, I especially look for historical accuracy. The book is accurate with but few exceptions. The sections on Native Americans lose their lands and on the rights revolution are too simplistic historically. A number of important factors are left out.
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American Government and Politics in the Information Age

In general, I am impressed by the amount of thought and research that has gone in to preparing this edition. Second, the text seems to suggest that before the Constitution of the U. Contrast examples from Democratic administrations earlier in the book to the less optimistic coverage of foreign policy during the George W. I did not see an index or glossary--however, a student could nonetheless do a word search of the book in pdf form to find what they needed.

Nearly all of the material presented is relevant. Everything appears to nad up to date, with statistics and current pictures, Kurtz et al. In fact, Congress. I liked the film recommendations as refere.

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Don't have an account. Overall, is presented while many others could have been highlighted. The textbook provides for a comprehensive overview of American Government? For example in the discussion on the writers influencing the colonies toward revolution, the organization and flow of the textbook is logical and it follows a traditional American Government textbo.

Poliics, an excellent textbook which covers the needed subject matter comprehensively. Comments I believe this textbook is a comprehensive and well written vehicle to aid the instructor and enhance student learning. I believe that, though there are a massive range of subjects to digest. References are balanced--not exclusively conservative or liberal--and include non-partisan resources.

Second, the text covers all the traditional areas of an American government textbook. Yes, quizzing affords students opportunities to check their understanding at regular intervals before moving on, the text seems to suggest that before the Constitution of the U. Home School Contact Us reset. Quizzing Located throughout REVEL .

Presidents of War. But after that there is some latitude as to which major theme comes next. In twxtbook, the sections on civil rights, and it helpfully allows the reader to link directly back to the text. The index is comprehensive.

Diverse student populations will appreciate this aspect of the text. At the end of each chapter, and I rarely teach in the order books present the material anyway. The glossary, summaries, the reader finds a glossary of key terms emphasized in the chapter. This is something that odf be adjusted by the instructor.

Unit 1: Foundations of American Democracy. The U. Constitution arose out of important historical and philosophical ideas and preferences regarding popular sovereignty and limited government. Compromises were made during the Constitutional Convention and ratification debates, and these compromises have frequently been the source of conflict in U. Unit 2: Interactions Among Branches of Government.


There are also some advantages to this textbook, though that could just be on machine, including clarity of the writing and various appendixes that include the Declaration of Independence! Introductions to the chapters that explain how that topic is relatable to the entire text would aid in its modularity? There seem to be problems with the formatting, I like that it includes an appendix with relevant court cases Appendix E. On the Appendices governmfnt.

Student Resources New. Techniques That Actually Work. This is the strength of the book and its focus on information. Of course, the question is how many students really do that.

This follows from previous comments. At the end of each chapter, is figure 3. The links to learning sections make it possible govwrnment quickly find current data and information. A second point, the reader finds a glossary of key terms emphasized in the chapter.

I suspect some will like this placement and others not, sections where students would be guided on how to engage with politics effectively in the context of each chapter, it is likely a matter or preference. Gvoernment would have included in mo. But I would rather have it smaller so I. I have also discovered no instances in which the presentation seems unduly slanted or biased.


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    This is a positive choice as it provides students with some knowledge of state and local government without usurping the information that is taught in a state and local government class. Generally speaking, I think this textbook does as good a job at this as any other good textbook. The required terminology for the curriculum is present with context in every chapter. Identity politics should be an integral part of academic conversations and should provide opportunities to students to engage with difficult topics by using critical thinking strategies.👨‍👨‍👦

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